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Dec 24th & 25th

Workshop Dates

Saturday : 4PM - 6:30PM

Sunday : 4PM - 6:30PM

Unleash your life’s true potential by loving your art and yourself unapologetically!

In only 2 days and 4 hours, you will be able to create two drawings. Even if you are a complete begginer, or restarting after a long time. ABCD. Any Body Can Draw

This is more than just an ART WORKSHOP!

It's an art party for all age groups.

From 7-70 year olds. There's something for somebody.

What’s in this Mega Workshop For You?


Learn to make beautiful realistic drawings with just one tool- pen

Discover ways to make ART a part of your lifestyle- Bullet journalling, Books, Art history, and more

Practice sheets, challenges and Bonuses worth 17500/-


Learn three top genres in 2 days- Landscape, florals, and animal figures. How cool is that!

Niranjan will be telling you

Sanchari will be talking to you about


This workshop is for you if

You think that you can't draw! Trust us, we have cracked the algorithm

You think art needs too much commitment! Just 15 mins a day is what you need

You are this close to burnout from corporate, and need some me time!

You are an ENFP, ENTJ, INTP, or any of the 16 types, art doesn't discriminate! Hop in!

You want people to admire your art and skill prowess! Unleash your artist side on your friends.

You are having a midlife crisis and need a ‘Tamasha’ type retreat

You think watercolor is too much effort or that black and white is boring?

You are on a path to self-discovery!

If you are between 10-100 years young. You are constantly on the move and need something non-fussy to draw. You can see yourself starting your art page, or just because you always wanted to learn art but never got the chance.

This is the best weekend you can gift yourself, Skip Netflix this weekend and unlock a new skill


Heavy discounts on courses for all attendees

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for ₹340/- only

Succesfullly completed 30+ batches in one year. Including special workshops in IIT Indore , IIM Shillong and NGOs

We have had thematic batches and bootcamps- Harry Potter , Ancient India and Great art of the world. Through this workshop, they want to share how introducing art into their lifestyles transformed their life, and show you how to


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This drawing program is designed for absolute beginners, with no prior experience. We start from the very foundations like drawing a straight line and every step along the process is broken down to its very fundamentals.

Yes, Recordings will be shared with you via a G-Drive link for 72 hrs after which they will be removed.

No additional charges will be put for recordings.

Yes, You will be mailed practice exercises and pdf to practice further upon what you had learned in the workshop.

Besides, upon enrolment, you shall also be receiving a free copy of Niranjan’s cross-hatching guide – An introduction to pen illustration.

This workshop is held on the weekends, keeping in mind the working people.
After an entire week of working hard, why not have some time for oneself?

Besides, even if you are busy over the weekend, you may avail the recordings.

What we are learning here are some foundational drawing skills universally applicable to any medium. This course will help you revise and practice the fundamentals to sharpen your skills.

Children are the most impressionable and look at the world with a keen sense of curiosity.

Together with their openness to new ideas, they make excellent students.

We have taught students as young as 9 years old. Young kids pick up faster.

Meet your Mentors

SoulflowART is the brainchild of Niranjan Sajith.

It is not an art school, it is an online community of art enthusiasts who grow together.

Niranjan discovered the magic of pen illustration and how to teach it while in college. A series of difficult decisions later, he dropped out of college and decided to take art mentoring as his full-time career and since then has empowered over 2700+ students over 16 batches.

It was in one of these batches that Sanchari and Niranjan met. She had come for therapy to recover from COVID brain fogginess, and it was through these classes that she recovered. She dropped her cushy IIM job and decided to use her skills to design programs to help others too.
This gratitude for art from both of them has shaped SOULFLOWART.

Together they want to give back to ART what it gave them- A sense of purpose and an enlightened soul

SoulFlowART has been born out of self-love, gratitude, and commitment towards perfection. At the heart of Soulflow, is a need to nurture the soul through care, expression, and art. We believe that the soul is the core of existence and it is in a flow state when we do something out of pure joy! We believe in physical fitness for the body, reading for the mind, Meditation, and art for the soul.

That’s the story of SOULFLOW.

2 people fell in love with art, and it became their purpose in life to share it with the world!

This is your Last Chance to Enrol!


₹340/- only

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